APAC Digital Identity unConference

APAC Digital Identity unConference 2024APAC Digital Identity unConference 2024


The APAC Digital Identity unConference brings together leaders who are implementing and consuming digital identity across the APAC region to foster innovation, collaboration and  interoperability across the public sector, private sector and civil society.   

Why an APAC Region Specific Digital Identity Event?  

While the European Union (EU) is laying down a solid regulatory and technical foundation for the digital future of the entire region with eIDAS and the EU Digital Identity Wallet, what could be an effective approach for the many interconnected economies in the APAC region?

One cannot answer this question without engaging a wide range of stakeholders, including competing vendors, into ongoing constructive dialogues. We provide a venue where such conversations and debates, rather than rehearsed keynotes or panels, happen and evolve.

By using the particularly generative event format of an Open Space unConference this type of constructive engagement is made possible. It’s all about exploring the many topics with professional peers from a range of identity areas. We will have the best facilitators in digital identity here to help you take charge of the experience by co-creating the agenda live at the beginning of each day. Click here to learn more.


 This event is for individuals, practitioners, researchers, regulators, implementers, government leaders, technologists, digital and privacy rights activists. A neutral event where people from a range of different standards, efforts and businesses can come together, learn from each other, build connections and move the work forward. 

If digital identity is a key part of your day-to-day…
  • You are leading key digital identity initiatives within an enterprise, government agency, research institute, educational institution, civil society group, investor group, or industry consortium. 
  • You are building digital identity systems and/or solutions to improve the digital life of people and organizations in the APAC region. 
  • You are making decisions on what digital identity standards to adopt and/or what digital identity products and services to use for your organizations. 


  • Censuses 
  • Government to Person & Social Registries 
  • Standards and Protocols 
  • Presenting and Studying Use Cases 
  •  Privacy and data rights for users
  • National Digital Identity Systems
  • Wallets and Credentials 
  • Cross Border Exchange 
  •  Low Connection and Remote Areas  
The APAC Digital Identity unConference serves as an efficient platform to meet and discuss, share your knowledge, work on and learn about anything & everything related to Digital and Decentralized Identity in the APAC region today.


The APAC Digital Identity unConference is an Internet Identity Workshop Inspired™ Regionally Focused OpenSpace Unconference.  The two facilitators and producers of IIW, Kaliya Young, also known as the Identity Woman, and Heidi Nobantu Saul collaborated with a local partner Newlogic to host and produce the first edition of APAC Digital Identity unConference in Bangkok in March 2023. 

The event was hosted with the same Open Space unConference format that the Internet Identity Workshop uses. The event brought together innovative startups and bold large companies who are building products and developing services using emerging digital identity technologies. One of the goals for the event is to foster a more connected ecosystem of companies working in the APAC region.

Stay tuned to learn more about the APAC Digital Identity unConference in 2025!

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